I started a while back on Twitter adding my jokes/reality about cancer with the #CancerPatientProblems. I am now going to start collecting the jokes and realities because they are funny and are truths about the cancer patient lifestyle.

The appropriate definition for me dealing with the hospital billing department and insurance today is clusterfuck #cancerpatientproblems

Moving my way up the doctor office scheduling food chain to get my PFT appointment moved like my doctors want #cancerpatientproblems

I would like to donate blood, but thanks to chemo my blood has more unhealthy additives than a chicken mcnugget. #cancerpatientproblems

When I consider potential guys to date/hopefully marry I take into account whether they have insurance. #cancerpatientproblems

My chemo costs $35K every 3 weeks other things that cost as much as chemo:
-A loaded Ford F-150 Lariat
-Taking 30 people to Disney World from Christmas to New Years
-Taking 15 people on a 17 day cruise out of Honolulu to Figi and Tahiti
-A year at an out of state public university including room and board