Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You're now bald, what to do?

I guess during this topic of head coverings I'm about to reveal the many looks of myself. I'm not particularly self centered but I feel in many ways this post needs a lot of picture examples and I would rather use my own photos than borrow from other spots. This blog is by a cancer fighter for cancer fighters or anyone who is trying to learn more about cancer patients and issues they face from a personal experience. I am in no way a taught expert I just write about what cancer has taught me and the options and routes that I have taken to get to the point I am now.

Last week I wrote about hair loss and I consider hair loss a three part subject because you first have the hair loss, then you have the many options of what to do with the bald head and third you have the new growth and how/when will the hair grow back. If I put that all in one blog post it would be huge so I chose to keep them as their own blogs.

So now that your head looks very similar to these two pictures you may be very self conscious and that is understandable, also depending on where you live you need to have something on your head especially when outside to protect your freshly bare scalp from the sun. Everyone is different in their favorite approach and head coverings that they use I'm just going to give an overview of the ones I preferred and really used.

I found my favorite option of a head covering is just a baseball cap. When I shop and live in general I went au natural I got some looks and questions but overall people were very kind. I generally wore a ball cap in and out of stores to protect my head from the sun. I am an avid football fan and enjoy a good tailgate so a ball cap was always perfect and it looked feminine and very much me.

I also learned that once you lose your hair that your head and ears get very cold at times so my favorite colder weather feather are knitted caps. I would be lying if I said I don't own probably 10. These are in my opinion blessings from above especially since many of mine came donated from churches in the area from a grab bag at my treatment center. They also are very reasonably priced and I think are a great fashion feature for guys or gals.Plus even once your hair starts growing back they can be worn with no issues.
Before I realized that I would prefer ball caps or knitted caps I bought some scarfs from the cancer shop at a near by hospital shop. There were a wide variety that I bought over time from the easy to use turban scarf that helps you put it on easily to the normal everyday scarf that I bought from Target and taught myself to tie after attending a class intended on helping ladies with cancer feel better and learn a little bit and get advice from other ladies.
My tie technique used on a Target scarf

The scarf that I bought from the hospital wellness center
Wigs are fun, they make you look more natural and in many ways can make you feel more like you, also you can have fun trying different colors and styles for yourself and not have to worry about it. First bit of advice about wigs is they are expensive so before you buy call your insurance and find out if wigs or "hair prosthesis" are covered under your insurance. You will probably be as surprised as I was to find many times they are, my insurance covered my wigs prices 90% so I paid the full price of the wig but insurance sent me a check back covering all but $13, which is much better than it could have. Second with your wig make sure you really love the cut and it makes you feel like you and looks similar to your natural look especially the roots if your hair didn't have body at the scalp go with a more flat wig. I felt especially uncomfortable in my first wig that a lot of volume up top, plus the color was a little off to me. Third play with hair colors in the shop but get something that looks natural on you and that you like and I(and my mother) think there is high importance on the highlights in the color because they make the wigs look more natural than just a solid color.
The first wig

The second
Again with wig #2

Resources that helped me
TLC Catalog from American Cancer Society This is a good resource for inexpensive options and many head covering varieties
Look Good Feel Better I never attended a meeting but I have friends who did who would recommend it
Chemoflage If you're in Atlanta I would highly recommend this

Closing thought: Not everyone is the same, cover your head to make sure you feel beautiful or handsome and don't let anyone steal your sunshine. Everyone may have their input on what they think you might like/want but YOU have the final say. Also never feel ashamed of your bald head, it is beautiful and never let someone cover it in a way you do not want it is your decision not their's because they are not fighting you are.


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